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Services: ski workshop & ski locker

Our special, additional service: a ski locker made freely available to our clients during their entire stay. Our shop is located at the foot of the pistes. At the end of your day on the slopes, you can drop off your skis and pick them up the next day. A wonderfully practical service that avoids your having to carry and store your skis.

Our ski workshop will expertly pamper your skis. We offer the following services: over-moulding of ski soles, sanding, edge sharpening, waxing, and adjustment of bindings.
The workshop of our ski rental shop in Morillon, "La Castha", professionally maintains and tunes your skis. Here are a few of the tasks we carry out:

  • Over-moulding of ski soles: When your skis scrape against a rock, a portion of the ski sole or base is torn off. It then becomes necessary to "fill in" the resulting hole, so as to restore the ski's original structure and comfort.
  • Sanding: Sanding polishes the skis, to make them smoother.
  • Edge sharpening: Sharpening directly influences the performance of your skis, improving their grip on the snow and increasing your safety.
  • Waxing: Waxing consists of applying a layer of wax onto the base of the ski or snowboard, so as to "feed" and protect the sole, which makes for an improved, smoother ride and provides you with greater control.
  • Adjustment of bindings: Simple, but oh so essential! Properly adjusted bindings guarantee that your skis won't come off too easily, while protecting your ankles and knees in the event of a fall.

Regular maintenance will allow you to extend the life of your skis.