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"Les Arcades" shop

Our shop was designed to welcome and provide top-quality services to winter sport enthusiasts of all stripes.

Our mountain experts are there to advise you and steer you towards the equipment best suited to your style of alpine skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding. Our ski rental shop in Morillon, "Les Arcades", has its own workshop for the maintenance and tuning of your skis (over-moulding of soles, sanding, edge sharpening, waxing, and adjustment of bindings). In our sales area, you'll find all the accessories you need to get out and ski: masks, glasses, socks, gloves, caps, backpacks, après-ski boots, helmets, and more. We offer a variety of brands to match all budgets.

Our skis are maintained and tuned daily, to provide you with the best quality equipment and guarantee you optimal skiing comfort. We strive to provide impeccable service: our boots are dried and disinfected after every outing.

How to get there: "Les Arcades", our ski rental shop in Morillon, is located in the shopping gallery next to the "Forum". Enjoy fast, easy access to the nearby pistes (next to the "Chez Tintin" bakery).

Ski workshop

LThe workshop of our ski rental shop in Morillon, "Les Arcardes", professionally maintains and tunes your skis.

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Sales area

Discover our selection of snow sport accessories: masks, glasses, socks, gloves, caps...

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"Les Arcades" shop

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