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Ski rental in Morillon

Our rental ski equipment is maintained daily and our staff members are specially trained to best advise you regarding your choice of mountain equipment.
Because the mountains can prove dangerous, in addition to following the basic rules of skiing, you need to be properly fitted out to hit the slopes in complete safety.

Following are a few useful tips concerning your equipment:

  • Your boots: They can be considered THE essential element determining the quality of your descents. A snug fit is necessary to correctly control your skis, without suffering too greatly from the uneven relief of the terrain. We offer various types of ski boots. Keep in mind that your feet are unique and their particular morphology is not suited to all boot models. You can trust the expert professionals of our ski rental shop in Morillon.
  • Your skis: They should correspond to your physical condition and the type of terrain you plan on skiing. There are skis specially designed for pistes, freeriding, freestyle skiing, etc. Each type of ski has its own shape, width and rigidity. Here are a few brands available in our shop: Dynastar, Head, Salomon and Rossignol.
    The size of your skis is important, for it influences your manoeuvrability and stability. The shorter the skis, the easier it is to turn. However, longer skis offer greater stability on the snow.
  • Choose your equipment on our Web site: To facilitate your selection, we've categorized our skis according to level of expertise. Each colour designates a different category: BLUE for beginners, RED for experienced skiers, BLACK for experts and, finally, the "Competition" category dedicated to experienced experts.

We also offer an optional "damage and theft guarantee" for your equipment.  By choosing this option, enjoy greater peace of mind during your stay.